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10+ How to Promote Effective Product Promotion to Increase Sales

10+ How to Promote Effective Product Promotion to Increase Sales
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How to promote effective and targeted products? As we know, in order to generate big sales then the promotion is to be effective and targeted.

Effective means we choose a good promotion way, whereas the target is to promote the right target market. Why these two are important, because we are often mistaken in doing so. For example, we choose how to promote effective products, but wrongly choose the target market so the results are not maximal.

Such a mistake should not happen over time because it will cost you the promotion. Then, how to promote the product accurately and precisely?

Here are some ways to promote the products you can do. Some of these are very easy to do:

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How To Promote Effective Product 'Blows Up' Sales

1. Promotion of Utilizing Social Media

The promotion of the easiest and cheapest product we can do is market it through social media. Social media in addition to being used to interact online with others, is often used for promotion.

The most used social media for promotions are Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Twitter. However, in my opinion, Facebook and Instagram are the most effective sosmed for today's promotions.

Promotion of goods in social media can be done in free or paid way. To be sure, you must have a team that specifically handles promotional activities on this social media.

If you want to get a faster impact, then you can utilize Sociabuz where there are so many influencers willing to endorse your business in social media.

2. Hold Your Business Writing Competition

If your business sells certain products that are often discussed by bloggers, then the promotion of your product can be done by holding an article writing competition about your business or product. For example, your business is selling cheap travel services to backpackers, so this writing contest is perfect for you to offer travel bloggers.

With special terms, bloggers are required to write a review of the travel services you offer. This will have a tremendous impact as blog readers of the travel blogger will immediately know your business.

If you do not bother writing writing competitions, you can use bloggers to write articles about your business. One of the services you can use is iBlogmarket, where you can pay bloggers to write about your business.

3. Become an Event Sponsor

The next way to promote the product is to become a sponsor for certain activities related to your business. There are quite a number of events that can be a means of promoting the products that you sell, select one or more that are considered to be most impactful.

Let's say your business sells educational-related products. Then you can consider becoming one of the sponsors for routine educational events.

4. Giving Products Free

This is one way of promoting a product that many businessmen today do. Costs for promotion can be allocated by providing product samples to target markets that are likely to be interested in the products you sell.

Learning from business hosting companies and domains, the examples of promotions they often do is give a free domain for every hosting purchase with a specific capacity. It is at first you seem to be losing, but this is one of the best ways to get new consumers.

In the end you will be fortunate when consumers are satisfied with your business services and continue to use your business services for a long period of time.

5. Provide Incentives for Every Recommendation
Promoting products in this way is considered to be very effective and the effect is huge. The reason is, prospective customers are usually more likely to believe in the recommendations of their peers or their families than they normally would.

Especially if your business is a new business that starts with a product that has enough competitors. The way promoting your products by providing incentives to people who successfully recommend your business will have a positive impact on your brand. In other words, you're doing branding effectively.

6. Utilizing Endorse's Services from Artists

The way promoting the next product that proved to increase sales figures is to take advantage of the endorsement services of Indonesian artists. There are many businesses that use this method, and it does have a significant impact on sales and also increasing audiences in social media.

For the artist, of course this is one of the extra income. By taking advantage of the many followers, these artists earn money by promoting a product via their Instagram. You can read articles that discuss some artists with the most expensive Instagram endorsement rates in Indonesia.

7. Posting an Ad on Google and its Publisher

Posting an ad on Google is the most effective way of promoting online products in my opinion. We know that Internet users always use Google when searching for information about something related to their needs. And it still continues to this day, maybe as long as there is internet in the world.

Ads that appear on Google search results as well as on Google's publisher network sites are a very effective spot for businesses to market their products online. Additionally, according to a lot of information from advertisers, the conversion of ad sales on Google and its publisher network is much better than advertising on social media.

8. Advertise on a specific website / Blog

Product promotion by advertising on certain web / blogs can also be an option that you can consider. However, do not put ads on any website / blog because it will have a huge impact on sales conversions.

Make sure the website where you advertise is closely related to the products you sell. For example a blog that specifically deals with parenting and child care tips, then the most suitable business to advertise on this website is a product for mothers and children.

9. Promotion Affecting Consumer Candidates

Product promotion activities mentioned above are incomplete when they are not accompanied by promotional materials that can affect prospective customers. Here are some ways to promote your product by taking advantage of great promotional materials:
  • Giving discounts
  • Bonus for certain nominal purchases
  • Free Service Offer if problematic product
  • Give a free calendar
  • Free delivery service
  • Provide tutorials and information about products
  • And so on
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So are ways of promoting effective products and businesses and we can do so to increase sales. Of the many ways mentioned, you should choose just how to promote the items that are most suited to your business niche and character. Hopefully useful
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