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How to make money by being a Buzzer on Instagram

How to make money by being a Buzzer on Instagram
How to make money by being a Buzzer on Instagram

How can I earn money by becoming a buzzer on Instagram? This topic is becoming very interesting due to the fact that social media is Instagram is one of the medsos a very popular community and users in Indonesia is very much at the moment, especially the House of millennial.

The number of users growing Instagram turns opens up a lot of business opportunities that promise and provide opportunities for users to make money. One of the ways to make money from a fairly popular Instagram nowadays is becoming a Buzzer.

What's a Buzzer? The word buzzer actually taken from the basic Buzz Word which means ' conversation ' or ' talk '. In the terminology of Buzzer means a person who is deemed able to make a topic became the talk of the community at large, not just on the internet but in the real world.

Based on the information I found from various sources, be the Buzzer on Instagram turned out to be money-making tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars per month. The figures are fantastic. With earnings amounting to it, certainly a lot of people who are interested in becoming a Buzzer.

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But wait bro/sis, it's not as easy as you think!
The criteria of being a Buzzer on Instagram

Be a buzzer on Instagram means you have met the criteria to promote a brand or product through Your account with Instagram. To be a buzzer that demand by advertiser account certainly Instagram you must meet certain criteria.

Some criteria that could successfully Instagram account be buzzer on Instagram, are:

Got a lot of followers, the more followers then the chances of getting the advertiser will be even greater. But it's not just a lot of followers, Yes, but the followers must be real not fake account user or robot.
  • The posting account you should have Instagram special topic raised. For example, you are a person who likes traveling, then Your post more about pictures of the places you visit.
  • Each posting account Instagram you should have a high engagement. In other words, each posting You on Instagram got a lot of response from the followers. For example a response in the form of comments, love, or even regram.
  • Your account must be active and Instagram often post pictures and videos of interest, the term Instagramable.
  • Some of the above criteria according to my standards a must for who wants to be a buzzer Instagram. In addition, of course, there are still other things that can create an account to become a successful buzzer Instagram.

The steps the way So the Buzzer on Instagram

To start being a buzzer Instagram, your account must have at least as much as 25,000 followers followers. Why should 25,000 followers? It's the usual standard I think, as I look at the buzzer on Instagram average it had hundreds of thousands to millions of followers.

As mentioned above, you should have an account Instagram special topics that would like to be appointed. Postinglah a range of interesting pictures and videos related to the topic you select. Post as much as possible and as frequently as possible on a regular basis, this could also help add followers on Instagram.

OK, for more details here are the steps how to become a buzzer on Instagram:

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1. Determine topics to be lifted

There are so many interesting topics that you can choose, but make sure the topic is a topic that's got a lot of the target audience. One of the many niche followed by user Instagram is a topic of news and gossip, it's the fact you know not the origin of the call.

So, do not be surprised by such a Lambe Turah Instagram account and an account with a similar niche had plenty of followers. But you must opt-in ga topic it Yes, please select the appropriate interest.

For example, you want to choose a niche humor (this example Yes), then you can dokeyword research that relate to things that are funny in Instagram. You will surely find lots of humor topics with Instagram account. Note the posting accounts, you could replicate their ideas.

Bottom line, more and more enthusiasts are chosen then the more likely got a lot offollowers.

2. choosing a unique account name Instagram

Select the account name is easy to pronounce and easy to remember, but do not directly apply is applied on Instagram. Type the name that You select in the search field Instagram or with the help of Google.

You can search for keywords related to humor in Google. The account name you can selected Instagram correspond to topics, for example:

And so on

3. create a New account with Instagram

After successfully determine topics and also the account name Instagram, afterwards you can create a new account with Instagram.

New email is later used to create your account and also for new Instagram communicate with clients who ask for diendorse. In other words, will this email so email your business, so choose a name bijaklah email.

Put an attractive avatar and in accordance with the topic you raise. When the topic of humor then your avatar must also be funny, such as disposable face Yao Ming who laughed (this example Yes).

Also note the way of writing a bio of your usage and Instagram account hashtag. Make sure the bio and the hashtag in your bio related to the chosen topic.

4. Download pictures and videos from Google

Post the picture on Instagram indeed easy, but when you want to be a buzzer then you should post a picture that corresponds to the selected topic. The pictures and the video can be obtained from Google videos and Google Images. As a start, download images from Google as much as 100 – 200 images from Google.

To note also the image in that square shape Instagram, so we recommend that you look for pictures which forms a square. Do not use images that are rectangular because there will be parts of the image are cut off.

You can download it through the computer, and then sends it to your Smartphone by using data cable. Make sure the folder is specific to the image so that it is easily posted to Instagram.

5. Start to Post pictures and videos

In the early post pictures and videos to Instagram, preferably not more than 10 postings per day which is published every two hours. Add a caption and a hashtag that correspond to the pictures/videos are posted.

Don't give too much on the hashtag postings due account could risk new taxable Instagram tires.

6. Follow another account as much as possible

For a new account, most likely definitely followers you are still little or even no. To get followers, then you need memfollow other people first and hope the person will follow back.

The activities of the following people on Instagram must be coupled with a thread of interest in your account. The more interesting posting on your account, the greater the chances to get a follow back from others.

Within a day, you can memfollow around 200 people. Of the 200 people it not everything will follow back, it doesn't matter as long as the percentage of follow back accounts amounting to 40% of your Instagram – 50%, more than the number it means you're pretty lucky.

Tips: to get targeted followers, search for the same subject Instagram account with you. Select the account the Instagram followersnya more than 100,000, then follow all his followers one by one.

7. Start making money from Instagram by becoming a Buzzer
After performing steps 1-6 for a few months, then it is certain You will reach 20,000 followers an (if you do it right). When the followers you've 20ribu more, then you can start making money from Instagram by becoming a buzzer.

How, you have to want ' ball ' transfer by contacting a few Instagram account onlinefollowersnya sales are still a bit. In the beginning, you can provide a cheap price, such as $ thousand – Rp200 thousand for one posting.

Keep doing posts and following to get more followers. You can continue to shout out offers to account Instagram needs promotion. And as you get older Your followers then you can adjust the price promotions on your account Your Instagram.

Tip: give special rates to customers who commit repeat order

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So a brief explanation how to make money by being a buzzer on Instagram. Maybe in the beginning looks complicated, but when you do it then the painstaking gradually will be easy.

Earning potential be buzzer on Instagram boundless. Depending on the niche you choose, the number of followers, and also the quality of the postings in your accountYour Instagram. Good luck!
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