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3 best strategy using LinkedIn to Support career advancement

3 best strategy using LinkedIn to Support career advancement
3 best strategy using LinkedIn to Support career advancement

A content marketer has the task to produce a lot of content that are useful to readers, build relationships with a variety of media, and wise in collaborating with others in terms of the dissemination of content.

One social media platform that could help all of my needs is LinkedIn. For 9 monthslately, LinkedIn is one of the best places to share a variety of new content, connect with others, collaborate with others, and many other things.

Consistency and hard work that has been done by the LinkedIn for this to be one of the reasons our content marketing team was covered by Forbes magazine. In addition, I was also able to connect with people who contribute on the improvement of my career. 

Starting from those working in the world media as a reporter, editor, untila successful startup founder.In this article, I want to share 3 best strategy using LinkedIn to support career advancement you guys:

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3 best strategy using LinkedIn to Support career advancement

1. Create a LinkedIn profile is complete and interesting

A profile is the first thing that other people will see when searching for us on LinkedIn. Actually there is an awful lot we can do to optimize our profile on LinkedIn. Andhere are a few things that I think are most important.

Profile Photo

Always use a professional profile that photo because LinkedIn is a professional social media platform. A good photo of a LinkedIn profile should focus to us and open the image background or group. Display profile picture we must also be good resolution so clear and facilitate others in recognizing us. We recommend that you never use a photo selfie.

Experience (create Se-detail as possible)

The mistakes that often times people do is, we do not pay attention to the parts of the experience on LinkedIn. Another thing if we are famous people such as Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk, then we need to bother thinking what should be written in this section. But if we are not famous people, then it is mandatory to take the time to improve this section.

"But, I have lists of companies and also my current role"

OK that's fine, but it's not enough. As already mentioned above, we must make the information in this part of the experience in detail. These are some things we can do to make the experience of being part of the more interesting:

# 1. First, we need to know that other people want to see our role in a company, butpeople are more interested in looking at our achievements so far. So, always put the achievement we have to get over this in a part of the experience.

If you are a social media manager, mentioned the campaign success what ever you do. If you are a writer, mentioned the best book or writing what ever written.

# 2. Second, most people also forget that we can add visual and also a link to another website on their respective experiences on LinkedIn. People will be more interested in the content that contains pictures than just writing only.

So, if you want to make the section more interesting experience, make sure to add the pictures and also a link to the website, a publication that we get in the media, oraward ever obtained.

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2. build a good Relationship

Social social media LinkedIn is about building relationships with the right people. Connect with people we already know it is nice, but connected with new people outside of our circle is also very important.

From my experience, a lot of people recently that ultimately helped me in improving my career.

To build a good relationship, we have to understand two important things. First, who are the right people and second, how to establish a good relationship with them.

Find the right person

# 1. First, we could have a relationship with people who have the role and also the same interest with us. Because I am a content merketer, then I want to connect with the content of other marketers are already more powerful, so that I can learn and discuss with them.

# 2. Second, we can also have relationships with people who can support career advancement. For example, if we are a blogger with technological topics, try to connect with the tech bloggers who've been more famous, or connect with the editor of technology in big media.

Send a message to Personal self Introductions

Before sending an invitation to connect on LinkedIn, you should introduce yourself in advance, especially if you don't know beforehand. LinkedIn has a feature where we can send you a short message when it wants to send out invitations to others to connect.

But we must also remember that LinkedIn limiting the number of characters that can be sent in the introductory stage of 300 characters. So, make sure we send a short, dense convey, and clear.

We can start by mentioning the name of the introduction, where we work, how could we know they are, and what our goals are connected with them.

The following is an example of a short message I ever send it when it wants to connect with the menejer blog from MOZ.

I am always trying to find the right people to connect on LinkedIn
By doing the same strategy, I managed to connect to a content marketer famous named Joe Escobedo who also is a contributor on Forbes magazines. After noticing the profilenya, I know that he often writes articles about digital marketing and PUBLIC RELATIONS in Asia.
Then I send the request to connect. And once connected, I then share stories aboutthe activities of content marketing and PR also conducted by tim iPrice. And in the end we get a chance to be covered by Joe in Forbes magazine.

3. Makes a great Content on Linkedin

The last strategy is also very important is, make the content useful for people who have connected with us. With a nice load content on LinkedIn so others will be compelled to like and comment. Content on LinkedIn that we share will be more and more of the view when there are likes and comments, and ultimately, more and more people will see the content and also our profile.

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There are 3 things we should remember when we would create content on LinkedIn:

# 1. First, we can share the story and also personal experiences. For example, if you are a speaker, we can share our experience in providing training in the primary school. In my case, I often share my experiences while working with the team in creating content, the story behind the content that is being produced, and other things.

# 2. Second, offer help. Always try to let our relationship knows that we are willing to help them, of course in accordance with our capacity. For example, I worked in theNGO engaged in the education of children in developing countries. I could make a short content on LinkedIn about what I am working on in NGO, and offers assistanceto children in developing countries who do not get a decent education.

# 3. Third, ask. As we mentioned before, the more likes and also the comments we get, the more people will see that content. One way is to ask the people that are in our connection.

I always combine the first and the third also points to create viral content on LinkedIn.

Two months ago I had a chance to return to Jakarta to meet and collaborate with major media in Indonesia to create content about "Media Relations Tips for Startups in Indonesia". Before the content so I made a post about my experience meeting with some of the major media and after that asked if the connection I want to get that content when it is finished.

As a result, my post on LinkedIn receive 310 likes and also 299 comments. The contents can be checked here.

Well, the above are the 3 strategies I did and proved to be able to support me in enhancing your career. May be useful and you can apply as well!
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