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To Open Data Source from Alexa, for Those Who Do Not Know

Currently the site Alexa became one of the most visited sites for web analysis. This site even has become an important company that helps an awful lot of power marketing especially in the online world.

This is not apart from the magnitude of the data provided by Alexa. Not only in the form of ranking or rating that is often on the call with the Alexa ranking, users can also see a wide range of other data such as keyword research, competitor analysis and data of visitors. All of this is a goldmine for online marketers worldwide.

But have you ever thought where is the origin of all these data? To find out you canfollow the article below.

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Alexa Data Is Confidential

To Open Data Source from Alexa, for Those Who Do Not Know
In a review submitted that all data obtained web service derives from the analysis ofthe main Alexa browser toolbar. 

For those colleagues who had long been in the field of marketing or online business, probably already know about browser toolbars property of Alexa.

In General, the browser toolbar is the complementary services that could be included on the browser ours later will display additional information. We can choose to install the toolbar or not depending on our needs. However, for the perpetrators of online marketing are generally requires a toolbar Alexa to get some information such as rank websites and other information.

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The toolbar property of Alexa is widely found in the Firefox browser. But actually the toolbar can also be used in some other browsers. Well, this is the toolbar that sendsvarious data that will be processed by Alexa and is presented in the form of data analysis as we see.

Facts Behind Data Mining

But not many know is turned out, the process of data mining toolbar performed byAlexa is hardly known by its users.

On the one hand, this sort of toolbar does indeed benefit the marketing online to conduct site analysis. However, in addition to working to display information, this toolbar also tried to dig up data from sites visited by users.

Interestingly, if we discuss more in turns out there is a weakness in the system which is applied by Alexa. This weakness eventually brought the influence on the accuracy of the data displayed.

# 1. The explanation, we start from the who usually use data from Alexa? Surely it is they who are dabbling in the world of online business or marketing online. For those not in the field, such as housewives, sportsman, civil servants, or millions of other people, certainly data that pass by Alexa is considered not so important.

From there, it can be assumed that the more use the Alexa toolbar is also dabbling in the field of online marketing. The reason is in line with the above facts.

# 2. Further, when accessing the toolbar of the majority is a job marketing online, the more data is obtained from the websites frequently visited job marketing online. This is the reason, data from sites related to marketing online or public site such as social and online social media, more and more complex than the site that discusses other fields.
If so, the level of accuracy of Alexa data for online marketing sites and large sites are indeed not be in doubt. But for a site that discusses the field outside? It is not impossible that the data obtained are not so accurate or arguably not so thorough.
The above thoughts, maybe just an assumption that can be broken with the fact that Alexa has other data sources. But, more than that we are obliged to acknowledge that the current massive data retrieval process has been done by the online platform.

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Even social media sites such as Facebook, daily gets data in unusually large amounts associated with the habit of users who are obviously very high value in the eyes ofthe business owner.

On the one hand, we are not harmed by the data retrieval. However, on the other hand there is a great potential that could be exploited if we know how to process the data.

In the end, this article aims to invite colleagues mainly in business and marketing online for the more critically and creatively utilize information or analysis, distributed on the internet.
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