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Melinda Gates-The Wife Of The Richest Man In The World With A Million Precious Mission

Being someone who was granted in terms of financial excess is certainly a thing that deserves to be grateful for. Not only for those who have money and high office, even for whatever we have been fitting to always be grateful and try to realize a positive thing from what we already have.

Imagine, what if we became a family was named the richest man in the world, the way this is experienced by a woman named Melinda. Who is he? She is the wife of the owner of the technology companies Microsoft, Bill Gates.

The extraordinary interest, when the husband managed to accumulate wealth in an incredible amount of fantastic, Melinda took another role to capitalize on these positive efforts in wealth. The step taken is to establish a foundation named Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Initiated Both

Melinda Gates-The Wife Of The Richest Man In The World With A Million Precious Mission
In the previous article may be colleagues already read that Bill Gates was crowned the world's richest man who turned out to have a high level of philanthropic side. 

How not, funds in the amount of outstanding great & she's been for various projects as well as social development in various fields.

And one of the "tap" used to accommodate social activities is the Foundation which he founded together with his wife, Melinda Gates. Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that was founded in 2000, this time more was treated by his wife.

Therefore if traced from the busyness, actually Melinda Gates also includes having a very solid flurry. Not only run the role as a wife and mother of three children, iya is also active in running the activities associated with the social foundation.

Data Collection Activities

Regarding the achievement was successfully written a social foundation that Gates is a family owned, has in recent years been able to help a great many communities especially in remote areas to reduce the child mortality rate age toddlers. In addition,other problems also become priority is reducing the numbers of polio sufferers in some countries.
"It's incredible that we have to do is join the lower the number of deaths of childrenunder the age of five years. That process may be to give vaccines and using mosquito nets for malaria, "said Melinda.
To achieve this, regular activity which is always done by Melinda on the sidelines ofhis activity was the collecting of data issues that will be dealt with in different countries. Therefore, it is not seldom he is seen traveling to several countries to conduct observations before later trying to take action.

According to Malinda, one of the things that is very important in dealing with a problem is communication. It is he trying to apply along with her husband, namely through communication when himself after visiting a country.

He was always the first to phone is the husband to describe various things ranging from the condition of the area, problems, and possible solutions that could run.
"So, what can we do? How can we make it better? Do we really know the results obtained, including whether in accordance with the data we need. The question that often glide, "he said.

Visit Indonesia

When it first appeared in public a few years ago, one of the discourse that try offered by Melinda at that time was about the use of contraceptives. Despite some opposition, but Melinda is confident that the proper use of contraceptives could be a solid fence in an effort to banish the problems of other communities.

Interestingly, Melinda see that Indonesia is one of the most successful countries in applying contraceptive programs. Indonesia itself more known with the term family planning or KB.

To that end, Melinda also make a visit to Indonesia on 21-23 March 2017 yesterday.The aim is certainly to see and monitor how the development of contraceptive programs and how in order to be successfully applied in Indonesia.

Hopefully the positive step taken by Melinda Gates could be an example not just for other wealthy person, but also the general public about how can we do positive things for others. May not need in the form of an unusually large, even through simple things alone we actually could do positive changes.
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