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Joyseed Gametribe-Local Game Developer With A Quality International

As information, the one industry that brighter future has at the moment is the gaming industry. Especially those that adapt the mobile device, the value of this industry continue to increase from year to year. In Indonesia alone, in 2014 and then the value of the gaming industry has already touched the number 180 million dollars, and continued to increase to 600 million in the year 2016.

And specifically for mobile gaming, Predicted that the value of the market in Indonesia has reached size 20 million dollars that keep going up due to the increasing penetration of mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets.

In Our Own Country

Joyseed Gametribe-Local Game Developer With A Quality International
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See the magnitude of the potential of the mobile games industry development, certainly it is desirable if the local players i.e. developer games in Indonesia can master the market in our own country. Targets to be achieved i.e. around 50% of total market share was already in the hands of the local developer by 2020.

And one of the parties is expected to facilitate those goals is a local developer named Joyseed Gametribe. Developer headed by Bernard Boy Dozan as co-founder and CEO, has successfully developed several game titles that are able to occupy a top position in Google Play Store.

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Submitted by Bernard, through mobile gaming DayDream: The Beginning, Joyseed Gametribe strives to present the games that have a quality international. He stated that the advantages of this game is set in the style of the graphics as well as good  jobs.

DayDream: The Beginning game itself was first introduced at the event In the 2016 Games April Festival held in Jogjakarta. In that occasion, DayDream was able to suck up the attention of the mobile gamers even became one of the many politically.

In General in this adventure as well as the strategies adopted in the form of endless adventure. Later, the player will be introduced with a main character named Mondo. He is the Shepherd of the sheep who have the aspiration to become a Knight. From there, travel the length of the Mondo is started.

As a gaming platform, DayDream was able to present a very riveting display so that players don't feel tired despite having to repeat the game many times. In addition, one of the things to be brought by Bernard in the product game is taught a few things positive for gamers.

A character in the Mondo tell me often gets a mockery because a very large mind, in fact continued to fight until finally being able to be a great Knight. Coupled with the wide range of features, as well as interesting trinkets, this game is certainly worth trying.
"We wanted to give message that even though you were like a shepherd of the sheep that hina-dina but have noble ideals and keep trying for sure will be reaching for that hope," added Bernard.

The Challenge Of Developing Business

The story of its own present when the founder started trying their luck on the gaming industry. With a dream to be able to live from the gaming industry, Bernard started his business the right from scratch.

Graduate education in the field of Design and application of Art in the Petra Christian University even had to go to the capital to get a better chance to develop business games. First, he became a junior artist in several games in Jakarta. From there, he slowly began to gain experience as well as capital to build its own game developer.
"Actually if calculated materially I dont know Yes. Certainly capital initially believe something. So why live for two years its value equal to fair pay outsource, about tens of millions, "the Boy said with a smile.
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Regarding problems encountered, he admitted it's difficult to find the right partner in the development of the gaming industry. However, with continued trying to find he sure could later build a business game in a larger scale.
"But I did not give up until the Game was this Daydream. This is a product of Joyseed as a company, and I also met Joseph partners who shared this building until now, "he said.
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