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Explore The Inspiration That It Brings The world's Technology Innovators Of The Late Steve Jobs

 Steve Jobs
It's been 5 years since the departure of the maestro technology at the age of 56 years, but an awful lot of work and also the spirit of creativity that Steve Jobs is still burning in the hearts of the bird lovers there.

As one of the innovators and luminaries in the field of technology development, Steve Jobs, of course is a very inspiring figure. Not only for those who struggled with the technology, but almost all of the people of the world feel amazed with the life story of the initiator of the company Apple.

What's interesting is, inspiration is not just coming to the community at large. But primarily for its successor to Steve Jobs who is currently still active in developing technologies, also recognizes some of the story of Steve Jobs who is able to be an inspiration for them.

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Inspiration brings The world's Technology Innovators Of the late Steve Jobs

Several world-class technology innovator below, had provided a number of brief thoughts about the figure of Steve Jobs in their eyes.

1. Larry Page (co-founder of Google)

LARY Page States that, the thing that always remembered from the figure of Steve Jobs is how Steve gave tremendous focus to develop a product that is capable of presenting the perfect experience for the user.

2. John Sculley (President of the Pepsi Cola Company)

Lift up the other side of the figure of Steve Jobs, the number one person in the company Pepsi Cola is struck by how the vision of Steve while injecting the beauty in every product he created. Steve Jobs is always trying to make products that are not only useful but also able to give a lasting impression even though have a very simple display.

3. John Lasseter (CCO Pixar Animation)
Next, as one who struggled in the field of animated design, one thing that inspires itself from the figure of Steve Jobs is how Steve to continue encouraging others nearby to produce works that more and better than ever.

It's true, when Steve Jobs gave birth to a new innovation, not his rivals rarely felt challenged to give birth to an innovation beyond the existing at that time. Indirectly, it becomes fertilizer creativity in the tech industry that will benefit everyone.

4. Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook)
In a previous article we've had time to discuss the long history of how tightly between the success of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, with Steve Jobs.

At the time, arguably indirectly, Steve Jobs accounted for most of the success achieved by Facebook today. Recognized directly by Mark, when he came upon Steve for advice at a time when the company was in "crossroads", Steve gave very wise advice to go back to the original purpose of why Mark his company's building.

5. Tim Cook (Apple executives)

As one of his colleagues in the company of Apple, Tim Cook recalls the last message delivered late Steve Jobs. At that time, the team considering that one of the thingsthat still thought Steve ahead of time of the end is the company Apple. And he sent,not to think of what to do sepeninggalannya. He simply told, to do what we believeas the truth.

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6. Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Company)
While still an active lead Apple, Steve Jobs is indeed known is not a very pleasant person. However, when there is something on the company Apple, Jobs had become the center of everything. Though, Steve has been getting tremendous success, he did not then go so just left the company. He remained there, even accompany everyone in the team until his death.

7. Barack Obama
Even a classmate of President Barack Obama, also giving attention to the extraordinary figure of Steve Jobs. When the figure passed away, he says that Steve is one of the best innovator once owned America. He always dare to think different, always formidable in its establishment to change the world, and very talented to realize her dreams!
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