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As It Turned Out, Bill Gates Good Estimate, He Recounts The Birth Of Netflix Right

Who is not familiar with the founding owner of the giant technology company, Microsoft, Bill Gates. Had a long career in the field of technology, Bill Gates even called one of the most influential people in the development of modern technology.

Not only a matter of financial achievement that established itself as the richest man in the world today, Gates was in fact also has a very brilliant vision for things related to technology.

One was, when he managed to predict the appearance of some of the services that utilize internet facilities even long before such services are created. Full information such as what? These reviews can refer colleagues.

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Predict Of Netflix Service Concept

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For those who do not yet know whether it's Netflix, Netflix is streaming online service where users can watch a wide variety of movies easily and according to need. Netflix's own recently started a few years ago and immediately got the success that arguably enormous.
Not only users that came from America, in fact Netflix is also able to attract the user's attention in some other countries.
Therefore, the success of Netflix became the reason why more and more parties issued similar service.

But who would have thought it turned out in 1994, Bill Gates could already predict the service concept as there is on Netflix today. Vulnerable time with a distance of more than 20 years, Bill Gates even mention some specific details that currently existson the Netflix service.

The explanation, he said when in an interview session. Interview conducted by the adult Magazine Company presents bill Gates as the keynote speaker to discuss aboutinternet technology. Just be advised, at that time the internet was indeed still be new goods that even foreign to the majority of the American public.

The Right Prediction

In that occasion, Gates mentions there are several services that will probably be realized via internet facilities. Although it might just be wishful thinking that is hard to imagine, but in fact it is happening at the moment.

The first one, which mentions that one day everyone can watch the movie with easeand find out what kind of film are many popular communities.
"If You want to watch the movie. To vote, You'll want to know what movies you likeeveryone else, also share your own opinion about the movies watched, "said Gates.
Not only that, Gates also recalled that the later use of services can include opinion or review related to the movies online. This is a feature that does exist on the current Netflix service.
"This kind of Information can be obtained (on the internet). Then you can select and watch video on-demand. After that, you could write (Review) about the film, "he explained.
After Bill Gates mentioned the existence of the possibility appeared thanks to the new range of internet facilities, even a lot of the media to the effect that it is so difficult to happen. But on the other hand, are in fact arguably many were making the opinion as a motivation for creating something new.

It is not impossible, the founders also Netflix service is actually inspired from what isrevealed by Bill Gates. And now, we can see its own video on demand service Netflix successfully into reality even start got new competitors with more advanced features again.

Predictions Of Social Media

In the same occasion, Gates also mentions the existence of other types of services also designate appeared a few years after that time. The service is a service that is able to facilitate long-distance communication in easier dam cheap.
"You may now be related to a physical community around. But in the new environment (internet), because of the way information is stored and accessed, it would widen the scope of the community, "explained Gates.
The predictions even come true through the emergence of a variety of social media like Facebook and Twitter. With the social media service, we can even feel the people who separated a distance of thousands of kilometres, are dealt face seemed to face directly.
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