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The Facts Behind a Facebook Ads That You Might Not Know

As one of the world's largest social #media the moment, Facebook is certainly not only a gathering place for public users but also entrepreneur and brand that wants to introduce its business.

From there, then Facebook ads advertising service selected, plenty of reasons the ability includes the broader market as well as a relatively affordable cost. But there are still some of the information may not yet we know about Facebook-related ads. Following his review.

The Facts Behind The Facebook Ads That You Might Not Know

The Facts Behind The Facebook Ads That You Might Not Know
1. Facebook Bids depends greatly with the seasons

The season is here is not like summer or winter, but rather the time when certain events occur is only done at a special time.

Facebook algorithm in determining the bidding system or system of bidding against the price of advertising based on the number of factors. And the biggest factor that affects the more expensive the price of ad impression when the more who do the bidding.

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Therefore at some moment as a moment of Christmas, Black Friday or some other special day, usually a cost per click from Facebook ads going uphill climb.

2. Facebook offers Advertising Options "Click To Chat"

Many may not know that there are options in the form of ad click to chat. Although not a new option, however this type of ad is not well known because it belongs to the quiet enthusiasts.

For your information, this advertising option very well if we apply services customer service. When a user accesses our site often already and there is a possibility for that user made a purchase or transaction, then this type of ad is absolutely right for us to take advantage of.

Because later, consumers will be shown ads that will lead to special chat features with the brand. If consumers feel comfortable with our customer service through the chat feature, then it is not impossible they will make a purchase.

3. Placement of Facebook advertising Requires Different Strategies

Not long ago Facebook give you an option for advertisers to create ads that could appear on a few types of devices at once. But keep in mind it turns any device such as a desktop or mobile device, requires a strategy of placing the ad and consumer behavior. It would be better if we split our ad campaign that is specific to a particular device only.

4. The amount of text in the creative Influence of success

It is submitted directly by Facebook in his statement that, Facebook is expecting more creative images that contain only a little or not contain text at all. Type of material of this kind of image ads will earn a higher distribution opportunities, as well as price per ad impression.

Until now, Facebook already has a classification for the amount of text that appearsin the material image ads. The classification is divided into ok (right), low (low), medium (medium) and high (high).

5. Advertising materials need to be Updated

In fact, almost the entire campaign advertisement type offered Facebook does not provide controls for the advertisers to set how often an ad appeared for one particular user. Whereas, if an advertising imaginable continuously appear in the account of a user, it is not impossible that users will feel uncomfortable is not even interested in making a purchase.

Therefore, we need to update the creatives we have, so that later users do not feel bored because it could see an ad that keeps changing.

6. Make the User Insights

Facebook advertising programs have special features i.e. user insights or Audients Insight, and this is actually a feature that is very useful to do targeting consumers.

In it there is information related to how the user's online habits, income, purchasing power, and many other important information. Armed with that information can weestablish communication to target consumers in accordance with our business, from there we can widen the achievements of the ad campaign.

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7. Video ads are not effective For direct response

If the purpose of the ads that we make is to get a direct response to today's consumer, then the type of video ad is an alternative to Facebook that we should avoid. Because, the Facebook ads in video form more maximum if intended to convey a particular message is not got a response back.

A video that appears on Facebook can indeed only arouse consumer interest for theassociated with our brand. However, in reality the majority of the video content justgenerates a comment or like high without any positive conversion such as the trafficon the sites of our business.
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