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Digicoop Specifications-The Original 4G Smartphone from Indonesia

Digicoop which stands for Digital Cooperation work in the country has officially started the production process.

The Government took further steps to realize digital sovereignty, particularly in the smartphone industry. Earlier this week, the Ministry of research, technology, and higher education (Kemenristekdikti) 4 g smartphone announced locally and for the people of Indonesia.

Specifications Digicoop-The Original 4G Smartphone from Indonesia
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According to the Minister, Muhammad Nasir, the research that produced the nation's children do not get stopped at the library. 

The Government should support up to commercial stage so that the perceived benefits society at large.

The name of the smartphone "Digicoop" itself was taken because the cell phone was intended for members of the Cooperative Digital Indonesia (a.k.a. KDIM Digital Coop). The co-op aims to uphold the sovereignty of the digital nation.

Digicoop members who have paid the mandatory dues for one year will earn the smartphone as a sign of membership. The more frequently used smartphones, members will earn points.

The collected points can be exchanged with other benefits as a member of the cooperative. For example, to purchase services from third-party partners of cooperation, such as pulse, online shopping vouchers, and more.

According to the Chairman of the Digicoop, Henry Kasyfi, for while it has not been planned smartphone trade in "Digicoop" for the general public.
Objectives smart phone by various parties, such as KDIM (cooperative Digital Independent Indonesia), APJII (Indonesia Internet service provider Association), MASTEL (Indonesian Telematics Society), Kemkominfo (Ministry of communication and information), BEKRAF (Agency of Creative Economy), to the ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology) that comes with a local touch. Start from the side of the device or application.

Specifications Digicoop-the original 4 g Smartphone from Indonesia

Uniquely again, according to the Firm, Digicoop hardness, showing the advantages of its own that is not owned other smartphones. You name it, Digicoop has the look of the split screen, where the top of the screen on the display there is a section for advertising from a handful of supporters KDIM brand.

As for Digicoop's own smartphone has interesting specifications, especially for low to middle segment. The 6.0.1 version of Android phones have a span of 4.7 inches screen. The disematkannya processor is a quad-core 1.5 GHz with 1 GB RAM support as well as the internal memory of 8 GB sebasar.

Meanwhile, 2MP front camera comes with a 5MP rear camera accompanied. To support the communication of the users, the Digicoop can be obtained free of charge through the line of this network has supported KDIM 4 g LTE, has two SIM card slots, and the battery has a capacity of 1, 800mAh.
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