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Ecommerce Mentimun - Offer The Advantage Of Credit Online Shopping For Agents

The rivalry between the e-commerce company in Indonesia could arguably have started to rise since 2 years later. Besides communities who run selling online independently on the website or advertising platform listings, on the other hand big companies who founded the e-commerce service also cannot be underestimated.

Because a number of new e-commerce company that emerged in Indonesia offers a variety of advantages and features that aren't even found on the company before.One relatively new is the e-commerce marketplace service Cucumber.

Overview Of The Services Of "Mentimun"

Ecommerce Mentimun - Offer The Advantage Of Credit Online Shopping For Agents
Cucumber is a service established by PT Dynamics Partners Successful Prosper (DMSUM) working with finance companies FIFGROUP. Simply put, the main concept you are trying on offer by the cucumber is an online shopping process that can be done with credit or consumer can credit payment for the products purchased.

Interestingly, later the credit process proposed by the consumer does not have to be equipped with a credit card. This is certainly be a boon as well as opportunities for community mainly residing in the area to keep shopping online even though it only has the cash.

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Related to the products offered, the cucumber is also quite markedly in offering products ranging from products like gadgets, electronics, household appliances to travel package ' which is certainly not too much is done by e-commerce companies are similar.

Program Agent Of Mentimun

In accordance with the title of the article above, one of the advantages of a service-based application this is, there is a program named Cucumber Agent. Simply put, the Cucumber is the parties serve as penalang funds while when someone want to shop through the services of the cucumber.

So later, anyone can become an agent of Cucumbers that are located in these areas.From there, when there are people who want to buy but could not make the payments are paid off, the dealer will menalangi payment for the product.

Then what is the advantage of being an agent? Delivered by Chief Technology Officer cucumber, Felix Nugroho, if someone becomes the agent of Cucumber so he can get some advantages. The first is, the dealer does not have to handle associated with the delivery of the goods as well as other processes after the goods are delivered.

The most important is, he just pulled out the funds for temporary menalangi. From there later, the agent could get profit sharing on purchasing these products.
"Products from various categories on the Cucumber is readily available and ready for sale to customers through Android smartphone. Agents also have struggled not todo the delivery and after sales service are handled directly by our customer service a cucumber, "said Felix.
One of the success stories of Cucumber agent i.e. an agent named Sularsih derived from Bali. Become an agent in April 2015, Sularsih claims to be already able to bagging to Rp25 million in just over 3 months.

These figures certainly could have been increasing with the amount depending on the Fund's bailouts and also products that successfully obtained by the agent.

Ease Of Installment Goods

On behalf of the purchaser, to perform mortgage payments can be done in several ways. The first: with direct payment location provided by FIFGROUP. Location up to the present already FIFGROUP payment spread over as much as 204 branches as well as 416 Posts throughout Indonesia.

Not only that, the installment option is also open to users who wish to make use of online facilities. The payment can be done via a cucumber feature pay, a virtual wallet application based mobile numbers that later verification tool can be used as payment in installments.

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"Customers can also make a cucumber installment payment offline at the offices ofFIFGRROUP or payment point already is working with FIFGROUP," he added.

From the side the advantage, could acquire goods in credit certainly had enough profitable. Moreover, if consumers made a purchase through the application, mango can also get cashback draw. In addition, the interest rate applied for credit purchasesin Cucumber, i.e. only 1% effectively per year.
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