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Better Than Lithium-Ion Battery New Concept is The Future

Technology is arguably one of the most dynamic in the world. In the past few years, we could see a very fast technology in the different areas.

One example is the use of power storage device or multiple term called battery. The battery is one of the devices used to store energy, which can then be used on other devices.

So far, mobile device based on one of the most widely used batteries, lithium ion. But some last time, previous researchers who developed lithium-ion batteries, suggesting the idea of a new type of battery, which is reportedly even much better than lithium ion batteries.

What are the battery of the future concept? Here is a comprehensive overview.

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Development of battery

As information lithium-ion batteries being developed many useful applications for mobile devices, the first researcher named John Goodenough. He is a member of the team that completed the manufacture of lithium-ion battery concept a decade ago.

But now, it turns out that the figure of the famous inventors want to stop creating the newest technologies. This is confirmed by the report of a study that he did with several other researchers to develop new battery technology, which even has the stamina and excess than lithium-ion batteries.

Better Than Lithium-Ion Battery New Concept is The Future
About the general concept of a new battery, Goodenough, trying to replace major components that exist in the current lithium-ion batteries. The component is a liquid electrolyte. Now liquid electrolyte is still considered one of the most important components and were not replaced.

But the problem is, a lot of incidents where batteries, electrolytes can eventually explode and can't work on the device at low temperature.

Thus Goodenough team tries to replace electrolytes and other components, namelyglass. Using glass, batteries, this new concept is evaluated much faster charging, as well as have the ability to maintain this 3 times better than lithium-ion batteries.

Not only that, the benefits of using glass can also reduce the possibility of the device, which exploded in addition can also work for low temperature devices.

Solve the problem of storing energy

In the last few years it's been quite a lot of researchers around the world are trying to develop energy storage device power supply, it is better than nothing at this point. Such research is expanded by trying various devices or new components that you can replace an existing component.

Thus the study of Goodenough were communicated through the magazine EnergyCommission for science & can better known researchers around the world. As it turns out, the concept of opportunity to attract the attention of many researchers.

Common problems encountered in the establishment of the depositary is a power device, most of the ideas that appear difficult to be realized or impossible to produce.

In addition to lithium-ion that exists today, where it is no longer developed becauseit could be the brink of its borders. Such thinking is evidenced by the fact that an awful lot of mobile devices that uses a lithium-ion battery development, he was unableto hold and lead to the existence of an explosion.

Unless, of course, studies by Goodenough, managed to find a better component, as a result of new battery technology can be very helpful.

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Development continues from there to find the version of the lithium-ion battery. One of them, i.e. substituting lithium with sodium inside the battery. Sodium, which can be obtained through the extraction of sea water, will surely be easier and cheaperprices.

But in fact that draws on the findings of Goodenough should still continue to be developed. So it seems we need to be patient until the completion of the latest technologies.

An overview of the achievements of Goodenough in search of lithium-ion battery, he was with the team for the first time developed a technology in the course. At that time he used cobalt oxide cathode material as the main component. Thanks to his invention of the Goodenough was awarded the Charles Stark Draper Prize in year 2014.
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