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Pluck 4 Lessons Learned From Applications closed the Vine

Pluck 4 Lessons Learned From Applications closed the Vine
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Early last November, the Twitter social media which is the parent company of video sharing app Vine, decided to shut down all services Vine towards the end of 2016.

The decision would be quite surprising, especially considering the age of Vine services are still relatively new.

Moreover, in terms of the number of users of the application Vine also arguably quite encouraging. Not to mention, Vine has become a platform raising Vine names of some artists that were dominated by the comedy genre.

If earlier many people who consider that Vine has great potential to continue to grow, but in reality this #aplikasi should be covered with a variety of considerations Twitter.

Pluck 4 Lessons Learned From Applications closed the Vine

And here are some lessons to be learned from the closing of the Vine application services.

1. Do not Just Transfixed One Way

Currently most digital marketing efforts targeting the use of social #media to reap the attention of consumers. It may be a reasonable step given the number of social media users tend to remain stable coupled with the variety of services offered to media advertising.
But if we choose to pursue a course of social media, it seems it is not a wise choice. For example, many people who judge that the concept of video 6 seconds at Vine can be an effective marketing tool in the future. But in reality, this is not as expected.
It would be better if we develop other potential of what we offer. If previously we focus on creating video content, try to make a video with different formats and different durations.

It allows us to try other means if something unexpected happens. In this case for example, when service Vine is closed, we will not lose the "land" line, because we can turn to other platforms such as YouTube or maybe Snapchat.

2. Always Runway Creativity

In a review revealed, one of the reasons why Twitter fails to maintain the existence of Vine is a lack of interest for the big brands to monetize the platform Vine.

The majority of digital marketers could not find the right way to conduct marketing efforts through Vine who rely on super short videos. This is the reality in which social media has been the best marketing tool in relation to the potential of the internet today.

The lesson to be learned precisely how we utilize Vine platform itself. Actually, for entrepreneurs who want to make the effort #marketing through Vine, could create a message in the form of short videos more creative. After all, in fact, a short video that can still attract netizens though in different ways.

Lots Viner (call for activists Vine) were successful in establishing the identity and fan base in an amount not less thanks to the strong creativity in each of the content they upload.

3. Provide More Choice

Online conversation among the instigators of Vine mention that, the reason why Vine decreased visitor is, because there is no more award to the Viner. When compared to Youtube that also offers video content, the youtuber get more attention from developers Youtube platform, which in this case is under the umbrella of the giant company Google.

The YouTuber be earning in relatively large amounts in accordance with the level of popularity they had managed to get up. As for Viner, tend to be left to work alone to develop Vine actual community already has a steady base potential to be developed.

4. Importance of Promotions

Twitter as captain, would be the lead party in question after the sinking ark Vine. And one big mistake of #Twitter is, do not maximize the promotional efforts of the service Vine.

When Vine has been acquired by Twitter, Twitter seemed convinced Vine can develop themselves without real support to continue to encourage the application platform known to more users.

This is the importance of introducing a digital product if it wants to compete in the online realm. When we fail to introduce our products, then slowly no matter how good the product will not be able to compete with other products that are already widely known publicly.
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