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Online Game Dangerous Anticipation, It Can Be Done Solutions Parents

Online Game Dangerous Anticipation, It Can Be Done Solutions Parents
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As we know that KPAI (Indonesian Child Protection Commission) has made 15 recommendations to the blocking of online game titles which are considered dangerous and not educational. 

After sounding blocking plan, popping up in the community's response. Some of the responses that occurred of course was the refusal of the blocking plan KPAI.

This rejection itself seems to have even suspected of involving the hackers who later on Monday, May 2, 2016 do hacking on KPAI sites that display the page (defaced) KPAI sites changed drastically. Although not necessarily be blocked or not, you as parents are already supposed to have the anticipation of some existing games can be played and your children.

Online Game Dangerous Anticipation, It Can Be Done Solutions Parents

Then how your attitude as parents in anticipation of this? Here's his review.

Looking Opinions difference Online Game

Before discussing the anticipation that you can do as parents, we need to discuss the two differences of opinion exist controversy over a blocking 15 of this online game. The first opinion that the counter (opponents) which states that what will be done this is a silly thing.

They stated by blocking 15 online game is not the essence in order to deter children from the effects of violence. The ineffectiveness of this case according to the opponents of the blocking plan is due to that violent content is also still can come from other things and the greater influence that shows on television, for example.

While the opinion that pro (agree) himself has said that all 15 titles that indicated an element of violence must immediately eliminated. For elimination or blocking of those games will at least be able to minimize the consumption of children in violent content.

Media game itself is considered by the parties agree this block does have a very strong image and embedded among children. So from this blockade was intended by them to children who like to play games largely unaffected by the violent content that can affect the personality and psyche.

Make Supervision and Give Understanding

The first way that parents can do to anticipate the effects of this online game is to play an active role overseeing and monitoring all types of games that do the child. In this case you do not have to ban gaming, but you just need to select a few games to be played.

Some of the game itself does have benefits such as improved hand-eye coordination, cultivate the ability to learn as well as reduce stress. Maybe you could do this with good supervision when children are at home. But what happens when children play games outdoors as in the cafe.

In anticipation of this then you as a parent can give a sense to your child not to play any games. And do not forget to also communicate this well with your children so that they would know and understand from what you say.

Note Rating Game

The next way to anticipate elements of violence in some games could affect kids is to consider existing game rating. What is the rating games? Game rating categories and classifications game was then adapted to its age restrictions. Some of the criteria are assessed to determine their own game rating among other elements of violence, rant and others which will describe the description of the game.

To determine the rating game itself has no institution to do so, such as the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) in America and the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization (CERO) in Japan. In Europe alone there are Pan European Game Information (PEGI) doing this rating.

In Indonesia, the government is planning rules regarding the rating of the game. Well of rating this game then the parents can observe and see clearly whether the existing content suitable for consumption or not for children. But there are things that should be remembered by the parents that this is just a game rating in the form of reference only aliases are not binding at all.

This rating means that this only served as a warning only. So the child can not understand this and play it without paying attention rating. So as a parent you need to have knowledge about the rating of this game so that your child can avoid the elements that do not should they take before this time.
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