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Judging Danger Behind Buy Sell Online Game Currency, Mandatory Alert

Judging Danger Behind Buy Sell Online Game Currency, Mandatory Alert
Fellow Max SEO loyal readers, maybe some of you are already familiar with the world of online gaming. It may even, there's status as a game addict.

Now, with the development of online gaming technology that has increasingly developed, would be a strong reason why more and more are also people who want to try to play the game online. As the impact, #game online industry in general also terkerek rose both in the user base up to the amount of the profits of this industry.

Like the saying says, there is no sugar ants, when there are large amounts of money spinning of course there was always a rogue elements who are trying to rake in huge profits. But unfortunately, the way they use is not legal ways.

Judging Danger Behind Buy Sell Online Game Currency, Mandatory Alert

One common problem encountered in the dynamics of the online gaming industry is, buying and selling digital currency that only applies to the online game. Digital currency, will later try hunted by some parties and eventually lead to several negative consequences not only for the development of the game itself but also for gamers.

Being Targeted Cyber ​​Crime

In some cases involving online games, it is known that quite a lot of attacks by cyber criminals or hackers. Their crimes are also quite diverse, among others, account hijacking, phishing until such large-scale DDoS attacks.

In a research conducted by Trend Micro, revealing their attempt cyber attacks in different ways. These attacks, mainly targeting online games raked currency or currency prevailing on the game.

The goal is, as already get digital currency of the game, they can sell it back to gamers. Proceeds from sales of the currency then allegedly be used to fund various other cyber crimes.

The opening Opportunities Cyber ​​Attacks

When talking about the cyber attacks carried out by a group of hackers, we can not rule out the fact that today a lot of gamers who do not have high sportsmanship spirit so prefer shortcuts to get a win or prestige in the online game.

Instead of having to finish one by one-half that of course takes time and skill, they prefer to buy game currency that can later be used to obtain a variety of convenience or in-game items.

In addition, the report also mentioned that Trend Micro, a type of online games MMORPGs is the most tender fields targeted by hackers. The first reason is, this type of game has a large player base and spread throughout the world. Another reason, as most players of online role-playing game has a huge competitive sense.

What it means is, every player is very ambitious to become the strongest player or maybe get a variety of rare items. In addition to being a pride, this sort of thing is very common among gamers around the world.

From there, when there is demand, supply will require. And supply to earn game currency comes from hackers. The problem is, sometimes the gamers prefer to buy game currency in a way that was not legal.

Threats to Online Game Development

When there are many gamers who choose to buy game currency through a third party, in this case the hackers who did attempt to gather as much digital currency, certainly could be a threat to the development of an online game.
From the game developers themselves, actually has determined that it is a fraud and is eligible for a sanctions banned.
On the other hand, the efforts made by the hackers also fairly highly developed. They no longer sell digital currency looted by stealth. Most of these sales have been organized with a very neat, even some that opened the official site with services like sellers of knickknacks in the official game.

So what is there to understand?

Basically, the game industry can also be a potential land to be developed. Although in Indonesia alone game industry is not so popular, but it should be understood that when gamers make purchases illegally or commit fraudulent manner, then it implies that they also contribute to the destruction of the online games they play.

Therefore, to overcome the above problems, to the awareness of gamers, as well as dukungam in terms of enforcement of the rules of the game developers. This is all done in order to create the digital creative industry conditions better.

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