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Change New Boss, Xiaomi Ready to Run Expansion

As we all know that technology companies manufacturers of smartphones, Xiaomi has recently left one of the top brass of the Hugo Barra executives. Previously, Hugo Barra occupies one of the top position as the Vice President of Xiaomi.

With the release of these figures, the company would need a replacement is considered capable of giving better performance. From there, head Xiaomi India, Manu Kumar Jain has been appointed to replace Hugo Barra.

Change New Boss, Xiaomi Ready to Run Expansion

Change New Boss, Xiaomi Ready to Run Expansion

Performance Figures

Before formally served as Vice President of Xiaomi, Manu Kumar Jain served as Head of Xiaomi India. The position assumed by the Jain started since 2014 when the Chinese manufacturer in the Indian market.

On the record of the Jain himself, he was previously a co-founder of e-commerce in the field of fashion, Jabong. But when he received an offer from Xiaomi, Jain decided to get out and start actively leading the movement of products in the country Xiaomi phones.

Reason indicator Jain's boss new company Xiaomi is certainly not without long consideration. Allegedly the first reason is the business performance achieved during the Jain to lead the region of India.

Although still relatively new, less than 2 years old Jain was able to provide substantial revenue for product sales Xiaomi in India. It was noted that, thin-haired man is able to record a profit of over a billion dollars on top in 2016.
To be able to lead the company's technology is that Xiaomi has a name in the Asian market, would need a capability and proven experience. Moreover, the problem of competition enterprise smartphone manufacturers intensifies, also requires Xiaomi next leader able to "give birth" the birth of a new innovation in order not to be outdone by its competitors.
Another reason is due to appear, the influence of the Indian market for the company's success Xiaomi. Until now, China is the company Xiaomi has become the biggest profit contributor, followed by India.

Not surprisingly, corporate executives try to acquire local talent who proved capable of performing.

Permanent Monitoring Areas India

Although it has been appointed as Vice President of Xiaomi, Jain will keep propping strategic position for the Indian market. Therefore, the joint positions as Managing Director of Xiaomi India Jain will be conducted over several periods following.

Presented by spokesman Xiaomi some time ago, Xiaomi's business operations in India will remain under the supervision of Jain. It also includes sales, sales, customer support, manufacturing and various other things.

Growth in sales of products Xiaomi India also rose thanks to the accomplishments achieved by the Jains. Overall, Xiaomi to become the second most popular smartphone manufacturers are in India. By doing so, penetration continues to expand dominance in the Indian market would be a priority of the company from China.

In a statement, the company Xiaomi will be led by Manu Kumar Jain since the decision was taken some time ago. Not only stand-alone, Jain will also get direct supervision of senior vice president of Xiaomi, Xiang Wang.

Xiang Wang himself is not a new figure in the tech industry of China. Before comfortable position of Senior Vice President Xiaomi, if it has become Senior VP at Qualcomm. New in 2015, he joined the executive team Xiaomi served Vice President of Strategic Cooperation.

"Xiang Wang, Senior Vice President of Xiaomiakan lead all global expansion efforts after the release of Hugo. Jain will work directly with the Xiang Wang to build the success story of India is stronger, "said a spokesman for Xiaomi.
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